Thursday, September 6, 2012

Rock Climbing for Fitness

Can you get to the top?

Did you know that Dr. Yoho is an avid outdoorsman?

One of his favorite activities is rock climbing. He has been climbing for most of his life, mastering the tough skill during his sabbatical from medical school at age 22. He has climbed many peaks in the western US. But Yosemite is the place he loves most. He has climbed Half Dome (El Capitan) four times. Two of those climbs were: the Northwest Face in 18 hours (2004), and the "Nose” route in less than 24 hours (2005).

Dr.Yoho is interested in more than medical procedures. He has always had an interest in fitness and nutrition. He takes a holistic approach to his own activity and to the health of his patients. He recommends good diet and exercise. He also believes that psychological health is as important as physical health.

Rock climbing is actually great mental exercise, in addition to being great physical exercise. It requires lots of focus to get the techniques right. And for most people, there is an element of fear involved in clinging to a wall high off the ground. Overcoming this fear and literally reaching for the top can be a big mood-booster and confidence-builder.

When people think of rock climbing, they often assume that the activity is all about upper body strength. But in fact, it is one of the best full-body exercises around, requiring lots of involvement of the legs, core, and back in addition to the arms and chest. It is also an accessible activity. Even non-adventure types can take advantage of climbing walls in gyms. Many community centers and sporting stores offer instructions for beginners. Taking classes is a good idea, because rock climbing is intensively technical, although you might be surprised at how quickly you can pick up the basics.

Check out more information about Dr. Yoho here.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Story of a Free Gynecomastia Case

We met this young patient through his mother, who was also a patient of ours. He had been teased so badly early in his high school years that he had dropped out of sports and withdrawn from many of his peers. We decided that this kind of case deserved pro bono treatment. Dr. Yoho performed gynecomastia surgery. Gynecomastia is more commonly known as "man-boobs" or "moobs". Some males develop breast tissue, typically during puberty. Although this is a pretty common condition, many boys and men who develop it feel self-conscious and isolated.

Boys and men can not only feel as self-conscious as girls and women, young men who develop this condition can even be embarrassed about feeling self-conscious. That very self-consciousness is seen as a weakness in some circles, and we all know how cruel our school peers can be. Many men grow up not wanting to take off their shirts during sports or at the beach. They feel embarrassed around their male peers, and extremely shy around girls or women as well. Even going to the gym can be a source of discomfort, and it's discouraging for these men to discover that no amount of fat-burning exercise can cure their condition.

Gynecomastia surgery is actually fairly simple as far as cosmetic surgeries go, and recoveries are usually relatively quick and uneventful, with excellent results. While nothing in surgery is guaranteed, gynecomastia surgeries have very high satisfaction rates. The process involves liposuction, and sometimes excision of a small amount of breast tissue. Many men are well on their way to surgical recovery within a day.
Post op, he's on his feet and recovering already!

We hope that we have made a difference in this young man's life. We are grateful to him for sharing his story. He agreed to let us publish his interview and photos online, which was very courageous. We hope his story will inspire others as well. While a few people still consider cosmetic surgeries to be for the vain and frivolous, Dr. Yoho has seen many times over what a real difference it makes in people's lives.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Get a Gilt City Deal for Discounts on Injectable Fillers

Look younger with Restylane or related injectable fillers. Purchase a current deal available on Gilt City: pay $49 for a voucher that will get you $100 off of a 1 mL treatment of Restylane (limit 3). Or pay $149 for a $300 voucher toward a 2 mL treatment. Vouchers can be used at participating spas, including the medical spa of Dr. Robert Yoho, located in Pasadena. Dr. Yoho says that the results obtained from noninvasive treatments like fillers are mostly dependent on the skill of the medical aesthetician, rather than the product. So make sure you are using an experienced and highly qualified technician.

These fillers (Restylane and related products) are hyaluronic acid fillers. They are used to fill in and smooth lines and folds of moderate to severe levels. Mainly, they are used around the mouth to fill in the lines that draw down the lower face as we age. For example, many people develop lines that run from each corner of the mouth down to the jaw on either side of the chin. Also known as marionette lines, these can really interrupt the smooth look of the face and are quite aging. The other major use for Restylane is in the lines that curve around the outside of the mouth from nose level almost to the chin. These are the “laugh lines” or “parenthesis” lines. Those with fair skin might notice that these first look red, and then become wrinkles as they age.

Restylane fillers can plump out wrinkles as described above, smoothing the appearance of the skin. In addition, some technicians can use them to fill the cheeks and even in the brow area. The good thing about hyaluronic acid fillers in the hands of a skilled technician is that the filler remains soft and smooth. Older types of fillers such as collagen can appear hard or even form lumps under the skin, so that there is a big tradeoff between getting rid of wrinkles or looking natural. Hyaluronic acid leaves a softer, smoother effect that can last for a year or more. They can even be dissolved if you don’t like the results.

Please call our office to schedule an appointment today. The Gilt City deal must be used by September 30. See the terms in the deal for other specifics.